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Life in the Neutral Zone - An Opportunity to Create

Haneberg_StiffLizard_Ebook smallI've not blogged much the last two weeks because I'm channeling my writing energy into FINALLY finishing my 4th mystery, STIFF LIZARD. It was supposed to come out earlier this year. Here's the cover.

 - I delayed the book because I was going to have to have surgery.

 - Then my surgery was delayed by the covid pandemic.

 - And then I fell into a covid-fear-haze and didn't feel like writing.

 - And then I had surgery.

 - And now I'm back to finishing the book (while straddling the continued covid-fear-haze).

It's a quirky mystery set on Galveston Island, TX. The pub date 2021 Stiff Lizard will be a different book than the pub date 2020 one would've been. I've added a few things, subtracted a few things, and amped up the plot and quirk. I'm a different person, and my story will reflect this.

The 2021 version will have the benefit of my neutral zone creativity. The neutral zone (from Bridge's Transition Model) is that fuzzy in-between time when the new reality is emerging but not yet understood. Ambiguity shows up in many ways. Along with being draining and frustrating, the neutral zone is a great place from which to create.

Why? Think about what KEEPS us from creating. Our automatic and rutted routines act like a magnetic tractor pull that can prevent us from coloring outside the lines or conceiving of something new. But when we're living in the neutral zone, we're delightfully lacking in routine and comfortableness. 

So while I am fatigued and frustrated and afraid of every living person I encounter (Are you going to kill me with your breath?), I'm also feeling a bit more adventurous and open.

Being in transition is enabling me to write a better story because I'm less sure and secure. Funny how that works. I've promised my editor the book by Dec. 14th, so I'll not be blogging as much until I've turned in the manuscript.

And then, LOOK OUT. Hehehe.


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Bill Nelson

I’ve had periods during this that my revision work had to wait for my creativity to return. So many distractions right now including trying to figure out how to keep my 16 person law firm afloat as we’ve taken a big financial hit this year.
I actually write about that liminal space, the space in between, in my book. That’s where much of the transformation that changed how I live took place.
Best wishes on your final efforts!

Lisa L Haneberg

So many distractions right now...that is so true. I hope your firm get through this time. It's heartbreaking to see small businesses struggle so much.

Jennifer Barricklow

Neutral zone, magnetic tractor - beam me up, Scotty! ;-D
I'm glad you have found your way back to working on the book again. Give yourself lots of credit for keeping an oar in the water by starting this blog. Here's to success in exercising, eating right, and doing the things that bring us joy!

Lisa L Haneberg

Yes, to all of it. Thanks, Jennifer!!!

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