Is it LUCK or the Self-fulfilling Prophecy?
BHAAGS for Covid Era Planning - Big Hairy Audacious AGILE Goals

"How's the half-marathon training going?" a friend asked.

When I read her email, my initial reaction was:

ACK! What a question!

Which is silly, because I was the one who said - who declared for all to know - that I plan to walk the Duke City Half-Marathon in Albuquerque in March. 

And this is what friends do. They follow up. They check in. They show an interest.

ACK! I wasn't ready for interest!

So to my dear friend, and you know who you are, I'll respond to your friendly question in a week. Although I've been doing well with my strength training and cardio, I haven't created a training plan for the half. Which is odd, because I know I need a plan. A flexible plan, a pandemic-friendly plan, a doable but challenging plan. I'm the queen of planning, usually. 

Thank you for that little kick in the butt, even though you didn't know that's what your email provided. 

Now someone tell me how to create a 1/2 marathon walk training plan! Kidding, I think I know what to do. Please.

I should probably be walking more...and buy a lucky charm for walking. This one?

All planning during a pandemic-complicated-by-politics has an element of mystery and misadventure, don't you agree? 

OK! I'm working on a plan!


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Nita Sweeney

I love that your friend "nudged" you. I doubt that's what she thought she was doing. But it is helpful to me when someone else is paying attention. I have complete faith you can do the half, if you train. Let me know if I can help.

Lisa L Haneberg

Nita, thanks so much. You've been an inspiration!

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