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How to Have a More Misadventurous Life: And Why You Should

Welcome to my new weblog!

I hope you'll find this a welcome place for entertainment, inspiration, or to plan your great day or week.

Why this blog?

Most people love stories with twists, near misses, conflict, and flawed heroes—in fiction and real life.

Whether we’re chatting it up at a family reunion, reconnecting with a friend, or reflecting on our lives, the stories we recall are often those where things went seriously sideways.  The times we nearly failed or did something we didn’t know was possible. We triumphed, or quasi-triumphed, through grit and a healthy dose of devil-may-care attitude. We played full out.

Why now?

Reflecting on crazy but true stories can be fun, but we have the opportunity to look forward and be more deliberate about the stories we choose to play a starring role in. By learning and practicing several life hacks, we can live a more misadventurous life.

Why me?

I want to have a more misadventurous life and I'd love to help you generate more memorable stories, too. And it's fun to write about this stuff! Better than documenting the health benefits of flossing our teeth...hehehe.


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